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November TIP: Befriend Your Political Opposite

What does Biblical Wisdom teach us about how we should direct ourselves politically? My hope here is to foster togetherness over idealism. Yes, hold your ideals close! But don’t forget about the person behind the opposition! And use this wisdom to vote for a better world, not just a personal ideal.

The Introverted "People Pleasing" Artist, Part 4

Friendships became harder to navigate as the conversations became less clear and open. A culture shift and the constant flow of my own insecurities made it a painful journey with ups and downs where at times I thought I had it all figured out, only to realize I was in the same cycle all over again. In the end, this is what I needed to find my way, and navigate towards the discovery of true self-love and real companionship.

The Introverted "People Pleasing" Artist, Part 3

I reflect back to one of my first friendships outside of family and how this reveals a common thread in many of my friendships. There are certainly exceptions, and for that, I am blessed and glad! I realize that even in these small events, we can learn about how we cope and build our character.