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A Catholic Met Gala! Should I be mad?

A Catholic Met Gala! Should I be mad?

I was perusing Instagram and found the #MetGala hashtag. If you have not seen it yet, please check it out. I could not stop the scroll, with all the breathtaking dresses, headpieces, accessories...

I saw those rosaries, crosses, the veils, the adornments, on people that many would say are perhaps ‘less-than’ holy... And I witnessed beauty.

Yes, I know many of those celebrities decked out for the gala are not only NOT Catholic, but likely ANTI Catholic... and I know that many of them did not do it to "honor" my sweet Church.

But I think they unknowingly kind of did.

I saw a few comments from people saying things to the effect of how dare they, why do they keep making a mockery of my religion, and why don't they do this to other religions...

First of all, fellow Catholic peeps - I totally feel you! I know what you are thinking: here we go again! We are almost always on the defensive because often our culture here is on the offensive towards our faith. The worst part is that most of the offensive is based on mere ignorance. 

And yet - here they are: heads crowned with the richness of Catholic artistic representations of our majestic God, Jesus, the Blessed Holy Mary, and all who serve Him.

Whether people are antagonistic or not about the Church, I feel there is something so right about the intensity of it all. We are right to feel intense about it. There is an intensity about Catholicism that you won't find anywhere else.

We talk about a God with a strict moral code. And then, in that same breath, a God that loves you so much, He was willing to be among us, and calls us FRIENDS. He was willing to suffer, and die for His FRIENDS. And even after the story “ends”, He continues to call us. As a faith family, we, the Church, continue to share this faith, and many continue to DIE for our faith. The story goes on...

There is certainly a curious mysterious intensity about us.

So what do I think about this whole Catholic themed Met Gala? I say, "Yes, play with that idea - the idea that leads you to investigate Catholic art – and then our faith - and dress up in it. Show the world the beauty contained within what you may call a "relic" but what we all know continues to stir and fire up hearts even today.

Why don't they do it to other religions? Perhaps fear of the repercussions. But that's the beauty in Catholicism. We don't take it personally. We know you are fascinated by us and we want you to enter that space - even if it's uncomfortable. Because in the end, we want you to hear Jesus calling you by name. And when you are ready, we are here to be your family, in Christ.

In Joyful hope,



Did you check out Anne Hathaway's costume? Red dress and a crown of thorns...pretty symbolic stuff, I say! 
What did you see that caught your eye? 

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