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smart beauty

Yes, I know what you’re thinking… I have tended towards the more contemplative side of brainy beauty these days, but today I focus on the colorful self-expression that turns our lovely face into canvas for the artiste. You guessed it: we’re talking makeup!

In my Instagram account, I rave non-stop about clean beauty, and that’s because I finally found brands that not only use clean ingredients, but also look amazing!

I know some of you have that one brand you completely love because it makes you look just so picture perfect. Or that lipstick that has that perfect shade of pink, and you may ask yourself: Can you find those same darlings in the realm of safe and non-toxic?

I say absolutely!

You just have to start with the right brands. Brands that are transparent, offer full refund returns on open items – and some (like Beautycounter) even pay your return shipping cost.

Can I just take this moment to bask in the wondrous knowledge that there are people, scientists, inventors, chemists, business people, and regular folk who strife to make cosmetics that are nontoxic?? Ahhhh... love it!

Ok, so I think I speak for every cell in our bodies when I say, we can use a detox break. We can’t control everything in our environment, but we can be smart about what we apply to our own skin. That also helps set a good example for our littles, don’t you think?

Trust me, like many of you, I have been on the prowl for some of these beauties, and have had to learn the hard way that not all “natural” products work – or even worse: are not really what they claim. I am picky – I want rich color and coverage for, ahem, those features that become a bit more “pronounced” with maturity…

So what are these amazing brands, you ask? Here is my list of picks so far – check them out!


I love this brand so much I became a consultant because it’s a no brainer! This company has vowed to never use ingredients on their “never list”, which consists of about 1400 known toxins, plus a few more questionable chemicals, adding up to over 1,500 total. Toxins, mind you, that are commonly used in many cosmetics here in the US. They test each item after production to verify this promise, and even actively campaign tirelessly with Congress to regulate the cosmetics industry – who does that?! They don’t care to monopolize safer makeup – they want everyone to have clean ingredients.

Young Living's Savvy Minerals

Yes, this company is a force to be reckoned with - they started with essential oils and now have almost every base of your home life covered with natural and non toxic products. The makeup line is incredible, has awesome coverage, and lovely colors. If you don't already know a Young Living rep, I'm happy to guide you!


Now, this is not a brand, but it’s a store that only sells brands that fit their strict quality guidelines. They field test every item, checking every ingredient, and many of their lines even use biodegradable/recyclable packaging!


What are some of your favorite clean beauty brands and products? Please comment below! I would love to check them out!



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