Welcome, beautiful!

Not just another beauty blog

Not just another beauty blog

What do you think about when someone mentions beauty? 

When one thinks of beauty, one may imagine models, picturesque sunsets, incredible yoga poses done on seaside cliffs...

Then there are some that think of the hands of one helping another. Of their newborn child. When they first fell in love...Their wedding day...

And that's what I envision for this blog. To talk about ALL things beautiful, and go beyond the surface to really allow for some reflection - something we seem to have less and less time for.

Hence, the Brainy part - using our minds to see the beauty in life all around us.

To see the beauty in every human interaction, in every type of 'look' and trend out there.

So there is no limit on how deep, or how awesome this conversation can be.

I will interview people I find captivating and interesting in the way they think and live. I will promote smart products that are made with love and consideration for the health of their users. I will talk trends and fun artistic elements in the styles and makeup. I will talk of my own experiences - and what I find beautiful.

And I encourage you to engage with me - respectfully of course - but do engage! Disagreements are not bad! They are what add variety to this life. Without disagreement and different ways of thought, this world would not be as beautiful as it is.

Do I have something to sell, you may ask - and the answer is, of course! I am currently a representative of two MLMs - I know, some have strong feelings against this, and I get it. But I truly believe in what they stand for - and the day that I stop feeling that way, I will stop promoting them. Period! 

But the most important thing I have to sell you through this blog, is an idea.

The idea that there is more good - more beauty, and more goodwill on this planet - than some would have you know. To give you hope, to instill in you, the love of life and one another.

And as you get to know me, and I, you - you will see that this doesn't mean that disagreements are absent in the face of love. In fact, many, including myself, would argue that true love is telling others what you think is wrong with an idea or their actions - so as to help them grow. Someone once taught me that true love is speaking truth, tempered by grace and mercy... 

So get ready to see all kinds of fun and contemplative blogs! 

Welcome - to Brainy Beauty by me, your host, Susy!



To new beginnings...

To new beginnings...

Beauty in conflict

Beauty in conflict