Carpool Etiquette

Usually, we would leave this sort of thing to common sense, but perhaps it’s worth it to ponder how we show respect to our younger generations…and their parents.

Beauty in self-acceptance

Jesus asks us to love our neighbors. But how can we do that, when we have a hard time loving ourselves? Yes, we are imperfect and should strive to do better. And perhaps we are not as smart or successful, or beautiful by today’s standards, to find any part of us to love. However, our beauty is innate because God loved us first. He saw it good. Yes, let’s put our minds and bodies to the test and strive for greatness - but first, always know, you are worthy of love, as you are!

Beauty in seeing your children as they are

All children are beautiful, and as parents, we see this from the moment we lay eyes on them. But could we be blinded by our love for them, that we fail to see the humanity in them? Can we still see beauty, even when we have to see some of the not-so-beautiful things they might do when we’re not looking? Of course! And that doesn’t mean you are a bad parent either - we are all in this together and it’s beautiful!

Happy belated New Year, beautiful!

As my brain struggles to adjust to the hyper warp speed that time has decided to travel these days, I find myself late to the party to cheer in the New Year with you, my wonderful blogging family! So to make it up, here’s a special edition on “Who I am” and a short (well, for me, it’s short) version of how I got here!

November TIP: Befriend Your Political Opposite

What does Biblical Wisdom teach us about how we should direct ourselves politically? My hope here is to foster togetherness over idealism. Yes, hold your ideals close! But don’t forget about the person behind the opposition! And use this wisdom to vote for a better world, not just a personal ideal.

The Introverted "People Pleasing" Artist, Part 4

Friendships became harder to navigate as the conversations became less clear and open. A culture shift and the constant flow of my own insecurities made it a painful journey with ups and downs where at times I thought I had it all figured out, only to realize I was in the same cycle all over again. In the end, this is what I needed to find my way, and navigate towards the discovery of true self-love and real companionship.

The Introverted "People Pleasing" Artist, Part 3

I reflect back to one of my first friendships outside of family and how this reveals a common thread in many of my friendships. There are certainly exceptions, and for that, I am blessed and glad! I realize that even in these small events, we can learn about how we cope and build our character.

The Introverted "People-Pleasing" Artist, Part 2

Here, I depict the character of the “people-pleasing artist” and how it is an artistry of pain, more than of love. This is not a story about a victim. It is a story of victory over the brokenness we all have in some way. Victory over the same mistakes repeated. Victory over the monster that lies to us…

The Introverted "People-Pleasing" Artist, Part 1

After a life-long struggle with self-acceptance and self-love, I discover where it all began and why my life choices are colored with such seemingly random decisions and reinventions of myself. This is part 1 of a story on a self-proclaimed Introvert that has chosen to love over pleasing others.