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A Brief History

An outgoing introvert, I have always led a life full of reflection and learning about different ideas and ways of thinking.

In a world where we always find out what's wrong with it, I have a passion for shedding light on what is good and true, and I like to start with the beautiful.

Beauty is often misconstrued, and has become the focus of either advertising or attack.

I wish to bring light to beauty, appreciate it, and also acknowledge the beauty in everything - even things we don't often refer to as 'beautiful'.

So with this in mind, I hope Brainy Beauty gets to share all the ways in which life is that much more beautiful, and that when we really think about it, we are always better off taking time to reflect and think (use our brains), than to take everything that is shown and said to us at face value.

I am also a fashion, makeup, tech and music enthusiast, and love to share what I learn and try on those avenues - simply sharing the beauty in the everyday!

My sincerest hope is that these writings make you laugh, think, have hope, and help you see beauty everywhere, including that vanity mirror, 'cause you are beautiful!