The Introverted "People Pleasing" Artist, Part 4

Friendships became harder to navigate as the conversations became less clear and open. A culture shift and the constant flow of my own insecurities made it a painful journey with ups and downs where at times I thought I had it all figured out, only to realize I was in the same cycle all over again. In the end, this is what I needed to find my way, and navigate towards the discovery of true self-love and real companionship.

The Introverted "People Pleasing" Artist, Part 3

I reflect back to one of my first friendships outside of family and how this reveals a common thread in many of my friendships. There are certainly exceptions, and for that, I am blessed and glad! I realize that even in these small events, we can learn about how we cope and build our character.

The Introverted "People-Pleasing" Artist, Part 2

Here, I depict the character of the “people-pleasing artist” and how it is an artistry of pain, more than of love. This is not a story about a victim. It is a story of victory over the brokenness we all have in some way. Victory over the same mistakes repeated. Victory over the monster that lies to us…

The Introverted "People-Pleasing" Artist, Part 1

After a life-long struggle with self-acceptance and self-love, I discover where it all began and why my life choices are colored with such seemingly random decisions and reinventions of myself. This is part 1 of a story on a self-proclaimed Introvert that has chosen to love over pleasing others.